Felling A Tree Isn’t For Amateurs Here Are Just Some Of The Risks Involved

If you have a property with trees on it, sooner or later, you’ll have to chop one of them down. Sometimes they die from insect infestations, other times from fungi, and lots of times it’s from humans encroaching on their space. Once a tree has died, or even mostly so, it becomes dangerous since it could fall into a strong breeze and damage property or kill someone. So, once you’ve decided to fell a tree, here are some tips to keep you safe in the process

Felling A Tree Isn’t A Job For Drunken Amateurs

Even professional loggers that work in the forest daily are killed by falling trees, it’s an unpredictable job fraught with many dangerous pitfalls. If you’re lucky, the tree will be out in the middle of the open ground, no buildings, fences, or other structures around, and be leaning in a safe direction. It never happens that way, but you can hope.

The first thing to do is take a long hard look at the tree, which way it’s leaning and the various obstacles that surround it. If you don’t think you can do it safely, just call a professional tree cutter and enjoy watching them make it look easy. You can find one here at https://www.facebook.com/HenrysTreeServiceFortWorth/.

Here Are Just Some Of The Dangerous Things That Can Happen

First of all, if the tree is dead or dying, there are probably rotten portions, some visible and some not. If you’re cutting through an area that is partially rotten, be prepared for the tree to break sooner than you think. These are the most dangerous trees to fell since it’s possible it could fall on you or a part of it could snap loose and hit you in the head. This is where you should consider hiring a company like https://www.treeservice-fortworth.com/.

Just the vibration of the chainsaw could cause some dead branches to fall on you when you start working. If you cut in the wrong place, the weight of the tree could pinch your saw blade, trapping it in the cut so that you need a second chainsaw to cut it out. This is where careful planning could help save you from having some problems.

You Should Always Have Helpers

You should never fell a tree by yourself since you can get trapped by branches and end up waiting until someone hears your shouts for help to get loose. If you can’t shout, you’ll be there until next year when the rabbit hunters come out into the woods. Your helpers should have some very long ropes that can be tied to the tree so they can pull and guide it in the right direction as it falls. Even if you think it might fall where you want it to, get the ropes and the helpers anyway to make sure.

Most professional tree cutters that work in urban environments, will have a shortly bladed chainsaw that they’ll use to chop a lot of the larger branches off with first, starting out near the ends. This considerably cuts down on the weight and size of the final tree that needs to be felled.

If you have a tree that needs removal, get a few quotes from the professionals to see if it’s affordable for you. Take into consideration that a trip to the emergency room will cost far more than a tree cutter and just a sharp branch in the eye is all it takes to send you there.